Game Tales of Zestiria
Residence Rayfalke Spiritcrest
Race Seraphim
Gender Female
Age Supercentenarian


Height 145cm
Occupation Sub Lord
Weapon Umbrella
Character Designer Minoru Iwamoto
JP Voice Actor(s) Misato Fukuen
EN Voice Actor(s) Kira Buckland

Edna (エドナ Edona?) is a main character and a female protagonist in Tales of Zestiria. She is renown as an Earth Seraph and becomes one of Lailah's sub-lords of and is enabled to enact the armatus with her host. She is the younger sister of Eizen, a protagonist from Tales of Berseria. She has lived alone on the Rayfalke Spiritcrest on the outskirts of Ladylake for centuries, trying to find a solution to return her brother from his malevolent state. Edna later encounters Sorey accompanied by Mikleo and Lailah after the latter informs the new Shepherd about her.

The doll attached to her umbrella is actually a living normin creature called Phoenix. It was given to her as a present from her elder brother at the time of his depart for a journey, leaving her alone and isolated.

Her true name used to enact the armatus is Hephsin Yulind.



Edna has fairly short blond hair, which becomes a brighter yellow toward the tips. There is a black-headband in her hair, and her side ponytail is tied with a green ribbon. She has blue eyes, and on her neck, she wears a black-ribboned necklace with a small, hanging jewel. Edna wears a short yellow and white dress with a big flowery bow on the back. She also wears a single brown glove wrapped in the same ribbon used to tie her hair on her right hand. She has big brown boots with buckles and yellow ribbons wrapped around her legs. She uses her umbrella to protect herself.


While acting and looking apathetic, she likes teasing people, especially Mikleo and Rose. Edna also displays the ability to overpower stronger hellions through intimidation, causing them to cower in fear. She also easily becomes blasé and has a tendency to sound bored when attacking low-level enemies. Edna loved her brother, even when he was turned into a dragon.


Fighting Style / Abilities

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