The Abbey as they appear in the cutscenes.

Seiryou (聖寮?, "Holy House"), also known as The Abbey, is a large organisation which focus on the use of the powers from the Malak; a group of spiritual beings who are alternatively used as familiars of no will to purify or destroy the world in Tales of Berseria. It is said that the Abbey seal off a malaks will before tethering to them for their artes, referring to them as "exorcist techniques" or "praetor artes".

They are the leaders of the Exorcists.


  • An abbey is a complex of buildings used by members of a religious order under the governance of an abbot. It provides a place for religious activities.The concept of the abbey has developed over many centuries from the early monastic ways of religious men and women where they would live isolated from the lay community about them.